Sweet Snacks

Malai Kesar Peda| How to make malai Kesar Peda |Malai Kesar Peda recipe

Malai  Kesar Peda : Malai Kesar Peda is one of the most popular, rich, milk-based Indian desserts.  This Malai  Kesar Peda is a perfect dessert for the festive occasions and celebrations ...
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Sweet Semolina Fritters | Suji Ka Pua-Sweet Pua (step by step with photo)

Suji Ka Pua:  Suji Ka Pua, an authentic dish of Kumaon (Uttarakhand).If you have a sweet tooth then you will surely like these sweet suji puas. These sweet Puas are ...
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til ke ladoo

Til Laddu | Til Ke Ladoo | Til Gud Ladoo Recipe | sesame seeds Laddu

Til Ke Ladoo: Til ke Ladoo is traditional Indian sweet, specially prepared for festivals like sakat chauth and Sankranti. These delicious sesame laddoos are very rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, ...
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ragi ladoo

Ragi Ladoo | Nachni Laddu | Finger Millet Balls | How to make Ragi Ladoo |Nachni Laddu-Ladoo | Laddu Recipe

Ragi Ladoo: Ragi Ladoo is a healthy, nutritious and popular south Indian sweet, these Ragi ( Finger Millet ) Ladoos are rich in Iron and calcium. These Ladoos are a ...
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Ragi-Sooji Halwa | Finger Millet-Semolina Pudding Recipe| Ragi Semolina Halwa Recipe

Ragi-Sooji Halwa: Ragi is one of the most used grain in south India. Ragi-sooji halwa is a healthy, tasty, nutritious, easy to made and lip-smacking Indian dessert.  ...
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besan ka halwa

Besan ka Halwa | How to make Besan Ka Halwa | Halwa Recipe

Besan ka Halwa: Besan Ka Halwa is a popular Indian sweet dish, especially during festivals.  Besan ka halwa is mainly prepared from these four ingredients chickpea flour, ghee, milk, and ...
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