South Indian

ragi halwa

Ragi Halwa | ragi halwa recipe | Finger Millet Halwa | Kezhvaragu Halwa|step by step recipe

Ragi Halwa: Ragi Halwa/Finger Millet pudding an easy, delicious and healthy sweet dish.ragi halwa/Finger Millet pudding is a good choice ...
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Beetroot Raita |Yogurt with Beetroot| How to make Raita 

Beetroot Raita: Beetroot raita is a healthy and bright coloured, beautiful looking popular yoghurt based healthy south Indian side dish. This pink ...
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Rava Idli |Semolina Dumpling Recipe

Rava Idli |Semolina Dumpling Recipe| How to make Rava Idli |Semolina Dumpling

Rava Idli: Rava Idli (Semolina Dumpling)Rava Idli is a popular South Indian dish. It can be enjoyed as a snack ...
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tomato rice

Tomato Rice|Tomato Rice Recipe| How to make Tomato Rice | easy rice recipe

Tomato Rice: Tomato rice is one pot rice dish. In which plain steamed rice cooked with of tomato, onion, and ...
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curd rice

Dahi Chawal | Yogurt (curd) Rice Recipe | How to make Dahi Chawal | easy rice recipe

Dahi Chawal: Dahi Chawal is an easy and quick and easy to make South Indian rice dish. Curd Rice is common to ...
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