Snacks n sides

Snacks n sidesSnacks n sides:

A snack is a smaller portion of food than a regular meal, usually consumed between meals. This section snacks n sides covers the vegetarian and vegan snacks.

If you are looking for popular Indian vegetarian snacks n sides? you can visit our wide selection of snacks n sides section. They are popular, healthy, delicious, easy, simple, and homemade.


chawal palak pakoda

Spinach and Rice Pakora Recipe |Chawal Palak Pakoda| Leftover Rice and Spinach Fritters Recipe| Rice and Spinach Fritters

Chawal Palak Pakoda: Chawal Palak Pakoda is the most common and popular Indian snack which is usually prepared with leftover ...
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vada recipe

Vada recipe |ulunadhu vadai Recipe | How to make Medu Vada |Garelu

 Vada Recipe: It is a popular crispy, tasty, urad dal fritter, they are specially served for breakfast or snacks served ...
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mango papaya salsa

mango papaya salsa| How to make mango papaya salsa|mango papaya salsa recipe

mango papaya salsa: Mango papaya salsa is an Easy, delicious, healthy, quick side dish. I am sure you will love ...
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Roasted Phool Makhana

Roasted Phool Makhana| Puffed Lotus Seeds recipe-Fox nuts snacks

Roasted Phool Makhana Recipe: Roasted Phool Makhana is a most popular, savoury snack in India. The fox nuts are a ...
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Rava Idli |Semolina Dumpling Recipe

Rava Idli |Semolina Dumpling Recipe| How to make Rava Idli |Semolina Dumpling

Rava Idli: Rava Idli (Semolina Dumpling)Rava Idli is a popular South Indian dish. It can be enjoyed as a snack ...
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Namak Para

Namak Para | Namak Pare Recipe | How to make Namak Pare

Namak Para: Namak para is popular in India which is a deep-fried, crispy and savoury snack option. It is a ...
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