Roti N Rice

Roti N RiceRoti N Rice:

In this section (roti n rice) I am sharing some quick, easy, homemade recipes and twist on classics and old favourites from around the world.
Indian meal never completes without roti n rice. These staple elements of Indian cuisine are the compulsory part of breakfast, lunch or dinner.


tomato rice

Tomato Rice|Tomato Rice Recipe| How to make Tomato Rice | easy rice recipe

Tomato Rice: Tomato rice is one pot rice dish. In which plain steamed rice cooked with of tomato, onion, and ...
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curd rice

Dahi Chawal | Yogurt (curd) Rice Recipe | How to make Dahi Chawal | easy rice recipe

Dahi Chawal: Dahi Chawal is an easy and quick and easy to make South Indian rice dish. Curd Rice is common to ...
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lemon rice

Lemon Rice | how to make Lemon Rice | easy rice recipe | Lemon Rice recipe

Lemon Rice: Lemon Rice one of the most popular and delicious South India dish. Lemon Rice is a quick and ...
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Mooli ka Paratha | How to make Mooli(Radish)( step by step directions)

Mooli ka Paratha: Mooli Ka Paratha is a healthy and easy variation of Indian flatbread. Where grated Radish, wheat flour and ...
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Spinach Thepla | Palak Paratha | How to make Spinach(Palak)Thepla(with step by step directions)

Spinach Thepla:  Spinach Thepla or palak thepla/paratha is a healthy and easy variation of Indian flatbread. Where spinach puree, wheat flour ...
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spinach rice

Spinach Rice Recipe | Palak Chawal Recipe | How to make Spinach Rice(step by step with photo)

Spinach Rice Recipe:   Spinach rice or Palak Chawal is a healthy and delicious rice recipe made using spinach, and ...
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