raita and chutney

raita and chutney raita and chutney:

This section includes the some most popular, delicious easy and simple Indian raita and chutney recipes, commonly prepared with fresh or cooked fruits and vegetables. Chutney is a sauce or a dry base for a flavouring the different types of foods in Indian.
Raita is a traditional, quick and easy to made yoghurt based side dish from the Indian subcontinent.



Raw Mango Sweet Pickle

Raw Mango Sweet Pickle | Mango Chunda| shredded mango pickle|Gujarati Raw Mango Sweet Pickle recipe

  Raw Mango Sweet Pickle: Raw Mango Sweet Pickle or chunda is definitely delicious pickle from Gujrat. This pickle takes time ...
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Beetroot Raita |Yogurt with Beetroot| How to make Raita 

Beetroot Raita: Beetroot raita is a healthy and bright coloured, beautiful looking popular yoghurt based healthy south Indian side dish. This pink ...
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Aam Ki Launji

Aam Ki Launji | Raw Mango Relish | Aam Ki Launji Recipe | How to make Aam Ki Launji

Aam Ki Launji: Aam ki launji is a popular north Indian Sweet and sour raw mango relish. This sweet and spicy ...
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Mint Yogurt Relish

Mint Yogurt Relish | Dahiwali Pudina ki Chutney | How to make Mint Yogurt Relish | Dahiwali Pudina ki Chutney

Mint Yogurt Relish: Mint Yogurt Relish or minty dahi chutney is also known as Dahi chutney. dahi wali Pudina chutney ...
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mooli ka raita

Mooli ka Raita | How to make Mooli Raita |Mooli Raita Recipes

Mooli Ka Raita:  Raita is a side dish made with yoghurt often served with rice, chapattis. Mooli ka Raita is generally ...
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Kheere Ka Rai wala Raita

Kheere Ka Rai wala Raita | (Pahadi Raita) | How to make Cucumber mustard  Raita | Pahadi Raita, Raita Recipes

Kheere Ka Rai wala Raita: Kheere ka rai wala raita is one of the most popular dishes in Uttarakhand. In ...
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