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apple shake

Apple Milkshake|Apple Mash Recipe| How to make Apple Milkshake|Apple Mash

Apple Milkshake: Apple milkshake is a smooth, delicious, healthy and easily made a drink, especially for the kids in the ...
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Chawal ki Kheer| Rice kheer Recipe | How to make Rice Kheer Recipe|Rice Kheer

Chawal ki Kheer: Kheer is an Indian version of rice pudding. In this recipe rice cooked with the milk, sugar ...
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Aam Ki Launji

Aam Ki Launji | Raw Mango Relish | Aam Ki Launji Recipe | How to make Aam Ki Launji

Aam Ki Launji: Aam ki launji is a popular north Indian Sweet and sour raw mango relish. This sweet and spicy ...
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almond milk  | How to make almond milk| homemade almond milk recipe-almond milk (step by step with photo)

almond milk: Almond milk is plant milk with a creamy texture and nutty flavour. homemade Almond milk is delicious, healthy ...
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hung curd

Hung curd | hung yogurt | how to make hung curd(step by step photos)

Hung  curd: Hung curd/ yoghurt is prepared by strain/drain the whey from yoghurt completely to get a thick consistency. The ...
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yoghurt |how to make curd or dahi or yoghurt |homemade curd recipe(step by step)

curd/dahi/yoghurt: Yoghurt is one of the most important ingredients of Asian cooking. Yoghurt is commonly known as dahi or curd ...
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